Introduction to R (2KV)

Course no.: 365.079
Lecturer: Ulrich Bodenhofer
Times/locations: Wed, 3:30-5:00pm, room MT 127
Start: Wed, March 7, 2018
Mode: KV, 2h, weekly
Registration: KUSSS


The scientific computing platform (and programming language) R was originally designed for statistical analyses, but it has quickly emerged as a de facto standard in bioinformatics. It is also rapidly gaining importance in machine learning and many other fields. So R is definitely a platform of the future. To know R well is a great plus in machine learning and it is even a must in bioinformatics.

The course is divided into two parts:

  1. The R platform and programming language
  2. Applications in bioinformatics
Course material will be made available in JKU Moodle. Marking will be based on homework.