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Title: Large-scale comparison of machine learning methods for drug target prediction on ChEMBL
Author(s): Andreas Mayr, Günter Klambauer, Thomas Unterthiner, Marvin Steijaert, Jörg K. Wegner, Hugo Ceulemans, Djork-Arné Clevert, Sepp Hochreiter
Published: Chem. Sci., 9:5441-5451, 2018
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Title: Multivariate analytics of chromatographic data: Visual computing based on moving window factor models
Author(s): Valentin Steinwandter, Michal Šišmiš, Patrick Sagmeister, Ulrich Bodenhofer, Christoph Herwig
Published: J. Chromatogr. B., 1092:179-190, 2018
Title: Defining objective clusters for rabies virus sequences using affinity propagation clustering
Author(s): Susanne Fischer, Conrad M. Freuling, Thomas Müller, Florian Pfaff, Ulrich Bodenhofer, Dirk Höper, Mareike Fischer, Denise A. Marston, Anthony R. Fooks, Thomas C. Mettenleiter, Franz J. Conraths, Timo Homeier-Bachmann
Published: PLoS Neglect. Trop. Dis., 12(1):e0006182, 2018


Title: Making Sense of Very Rare and Private Single-Nucleotide Variants
Author(s): Ulrich Bodenhofer, Sepp Hochreiter
Published: MAQC Society Second Annual Meeting, February 24-27, 2018, Shanghai, China

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Title: RUDDER: Return Decomposition for Delayed Rewards
Author(s): Jose A. Arjona-Medina, Michael Gillhofer, Michael Widrich, Thomas Unterthiner, Sepp Hochreiter
Published:, June 2018
Download: arXiv:1806.07857
Video Demonstration: videos
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Title: Artificial Intelligence in drug design: generative adversarial network for molecules generation
Published: Master Thesis, 2018
Author(s): Isaac Lazzeri